programming language go|| Go language course

programming language go|| Go language course

programming language go|| Go language course

Full go language course 

At the beginning of this article we will address a set of points about GO programming language
what is go
Why do I learn and use Go
Why is Joe's language programming and inventing?
Who uses go language
Go features
Some problems with Go language
Some extras on go programming language

what is go

Go is a system programming language produced by googel
Go language is a very intuitive language compared to very many languages
It is an open source programming language and began thinking about go language in 2007 and they Three people

Robert Griesmer,Rob Pike and ken thompson

programming language go|| Go language course

They started working on go language in 2009 and became an external thing open seurce project
From 2009 to 2012 there were challenges in the go language
In 2012, the first issue was released Official in go language

What are my reasons for learning and using Go

First, simplicity

When googel started producing a new language, the first thing I thought about was keeping the language simple
And that anyone can write with a language
And everything's coordinated And organized
Fewer mistakes
Speed compilation
Which lets you write fast

Why programming and inventing go language

the walk-in that Google was particularly faced with being a company that produced the language go

Ram, processor, System
Of the changes dramatically
But there's no new language to keep pace with these changes
the thing they do in other languages is to renew and modify the language in a way that benefits from these changes
And go language struts to be shaped
Alternative to C programming language and C++ programming language
Because C and C++  complicated

Who uses go language

Use cases
system programming
network programming
concurrent programming
automation and command-line tools

Go features

Easy and simple language from the writing and coordination
GoRoutines for the presence of a lot of subjoining
A quick assembly language possible with one click, translating all the codes
Consider go language as a simple productive language
Go is a multi-platform language with distinction and resigns from the operating join
Rich Standard Library
Everything Unicode is hypothetical and that you can write in any language
You can use the code in more ways than one
Make a person use the language in a simple way
statically-typed, compiled language

Some problems with Go language

Go language is not object-oriented because it is a tried language
Lack of generalities
Mixing in the name for multiple uses go and not for go programming language
The simplicity of the language
immutables, pattern matching

GO course hubs

The first axis: an introduction to the course and the installation of the necessary tools for this session
The second axis: the structure of the program
The third axis: types of political data
4th axis: Composite Types
Axis 5: The arrays
Sixth axis: roads
The seventh axis: interfaces
Axis 8: go routines and channels
Axis 9: Commitment to common variables
Axis X: Beams and go Tool
Axis 11: Testing
axis 12: reflection
axis 13: low-level programming

Some extras on go programming language

go for the programming language go is the juver
famous os projects
red hat openshift container platform

Key characteristics in go programming language

Exported names
Zero value
Type conversions
type inference
It only contains a conditional function For

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