Cours CSS|Full Course on CSS

Cours CSS|Full Course on CSS

Cours CSS|Full Course on CSS

The full course on CSS 

This course is the CSS formatting language course It's the basis of web design
What is CSS
What do I need first before learning a language CSS
Why CSS was invented
A comprehensive insight into CSS
Add-ons you should know about CSS
Most of these questions are necessary before this cycle begins

What is CSS

CSS is my acronym Cascading Style Sheets
CSS is the language we use on web pages
It is a language that deals with languages such as HTML Javascript
It is the language responsible for the simpering and design of the web language
It is also used in anything written in Html

What Do I Need First Before Learning CSS

First I need experience in Html
Before you learn anything about CSS 
And that's because the language of CSS depends on the synos of all the elements
So you should learn all the elements in Html
Here's an earlier course on Html

Why CSS was invented 

And what problems have been solved in this language CSS

The web designers had great difficulty in condoing websites, whether by changing colors or fonts
And it's a very difficult thing
All texts can be made in an external file completely off the page and control all the elements
And by changing one code, you can change all the tags on the page
And that by definition either using Class or Id
And we'll get to know everything in detail in the advanced lessons of this course

omprehensive insight into CSS

CSS is the standard programming language
It's not programming languages deal with databases
Such as Html, Java, Python and C
Is a standard language useful in designing The sites by modifying it in colors and fonts and controlling their size and controlling the entire control of the design of the site

Some of the needs we use css

It's a way of controlling the colors and backgrounds of the elements by controlling the size of the item8
Controls the type and size of the line
You control the pictures and sizes
You can make very many creative forms with it And the color drawers

Add-ons you should know about CSS

CSS not only design your website on web pages, but you can customize page shapes on phones and all screens and when printing
I mean CSS
Give you a chance to be creative in the and in everything

CSS course axes

The first axis: The special structure of code
Second axis: elements are marked by Class+Id
The third axis: background properties
The fourth axis: the properties of texts
Axis 5: The properties of lines and links.
Axis 6: Explain the lists explaining the limits
Axis 7: Outer and internal margins
axis 8: Width and Height dimensions
Axis 9: Display, Positon and Float
Axis X: Explanation Selectors, Nesting and Overflow
Axis 11:Display the difference between visiblity and explain ing class joinz Z-index
12th axis: Selectors and Pseudo
13th axis: Attributes and media


To program the web page will pass through three stages
Stage 1 or first class
Content: It is a content layer and is represented by html language
This is a special course on Html
Html5|Html5 cycle the first step towards web programming
In the second layer
Presentation: It is a presentation layer and coordinates in css
which we will address in this session, God willing
On the last level or the last layer
The interaction layer is represented by programming languages such as JavaScript and php that make sites dynamic and interactive with the user
And these languages that we will address immediately after the end of this role God willing

In conclusion, thank you for Follow-up

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