Cours C Sharp | Full course programming language C Sharp

Cours C Sharp | Full course programming language C Sharp

Cours C Sharp | Full course programming language C Sharp

To start a new phase and a new course of programming language c sharp
When we say a language c sharp , it means that we speak with the computer, where C Sharp is a technological language
It's the dominant language right now, and it's also the language of the future
We'll learn from this article about

C Sharp Language Definition 
The importance of C Sharp
C Sharp language areas 

The most important themes of the C Sharp language course

C Sharp Language Definition

C Sharp programming language is a modern language that uses me to produce software and in a variety of projects
The Managed Code is a term given to Sea Sharp
C Sharp is a net fremework programming language
It is a working environment designed by Makersoft and was first released in 2000 but began to develop the language from the beginning of the nineties and its first and official appearance was in 2002
C Sharp is one of the best programming work environment 
And a working environment means
An environment that contains a different software set and as a written set 
A written set is a code that is set for use by the programmer in writing its own program to perform a specific task

How the program works in C Sharp

C Sharp language works through Compiler 
The Compiler guest is translating 
CLR is an abbreviation for Common Languag Runtime, a tool that converts the code
From IL, an abbreviation for Code Intermrdiate Code 
to Native Code or Machine Code which is the code one that the computer only understands
And that's through a process called JIT, which is an abbreviation for Just in Time Compilation

C Sharp language after learning can work in any field?

C Sharp programming language is an all-encompassing language
If you're a web fan, you'll be working in C Sharp
If you're a fan of phone application programming, you can learn C Sharp's language
If you are a fan of scripting for surface applications, C Sharp is the best in the field
If you're a fan of game programming, you'll benefit from C Sharp game programming

C Sharp language is close to any programming language 

C Sharp is a language very close to Java
It is an improvement on java programming language
The C Sharp code is similar to the Java code, Java script, C++ language

C Sharp Features

C Sharp can be started as the first programming language where you don't need prior knowledge in the field of programming
C Sharp is a very powerful language and is also a simple language in writing, understanding and translating ideas
It is considered an environment
C Sharp's work is one of the best programming environments
It is a quick language and provides the best solution to the problem in an easy and simple way
C Sharp is an all-encompassing language

The most important axes of the C Sharp language course 

Axis 1: Introduction to the course and the installation of the necessary tools for this first session in the language of C Sharp
Second axis: variables, constants, comments, input and output
The third axis:Links transactions and police structure
The fourth axis: the repetitive structure, the matrices and the compositions
5th Axis: Lists, Functions, and Procedures
Axis 6:OOP Object Programming Chapter 1
7th Axis: Namespaces and Assemblies ,Access Modifiers ,static Constructors Properties
8th Axis: IInheritance, Abstract Classes, and Sealed Classes, Virtual Methods, Overriding
9th Axis: Overloading, Polymorphism, Interfaces, Delegates
1th Axis: Multicast, Events, Anonymous Methods, Lambda Expressions, Design Environment
11th Axis: Buttons, MessageBox, TextBox
12th Axis: Programming Calculator
13th axis: Label and LinkLabel ,CheckBoxes ,RadioButtons ,ComboBoxes ListBoxes
14th Axis: Treeview ,ListView ,MenuStrip ,ToolStrip ,ContextMenuStrip PictureBox
15th Axis: GroupBox and Panel ,StatusStrip ,TabControl ,TrackBar Timer ,ProgressBar
16th Axis: NotifyIcon, NumericUpDown and DomainUpDown, Web Browser, OpenFileDialog, and FolderBrowserDialog
17th Axis: SaveFileDialog, PageSetupDialog, PrintPreviewDialog, PrintDialog, MDI, DriveInfo Class
18th Axis: Directory and DirectoryInfo, File and FileInfo
19th Axis: Database Programming
20th axis:Print reporting


C Sharp language also works with database languages

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