Programming c | C language, full course on C

Programming c | C language, full course on C

Programming c | C language, full course on C 

No matter what you want to learn c
Whether you're a college student
or a programming amateur
Or a beginner, and you don't know anything about programming
You're in the right place
And we're going to go through this session step by step
To live up to the high stages of programming language C
And through this article we'll get to know
 ? What is C
? The most important uses of C
? The importance of learning c programming language
? The most important themes of this course is the C programming language course
Introduction to c programming input

Introduction to c programming input 

All these questions need to be identified before starting this course
C is a language used for computer programming and the programming language in C is a multi-purpose language where I am a C language that is used a lot in programming systems systms programmimg and also used in operating systems systems
 Where c language is considered one of the most important old and basic programming languages where the language c
The language was developed in 19972 by engineers Ken Thompos and Dennis Ritchie
C is also a low-level language
And that's the many privileges that the language has and because it's a language that's close to the human language
C is a multi-purpose programming language where different programs and applications can be written for me by computers 
This language has been developed for use as an alternative to the basic assembly language
Which the computer understands directly
And to be the language of understanding for the human being
C language can be used to program many types of software from simple applications to more complex programs
C is also a highly efficient language
All these reasons, in addition to other reasons, have made the C language the most widely used language among all other programming 

Programming c | C language, full course on C

Ken-Thompson                         Dennis-Ritchie

What does code mean
Code is the word used for the scripts we write in any programming language 
It is the way to communicate between humans and computers by writing and operating software stacks

 The importance of learning a language c

It is important to learn the C programming language because it is the mother tongue and offers a range of privileges including

Speed of access to connectivity functions
Control the physical components of the computer directly
It is an integrated language in the input and output functions and this facilitates the process of creating special programs
It's a flexible language
It's also a language that depends on the translator's style
And valid for all applications
Gives the programmer the freedom to act in writing and understanding special programs

The main themes of this course

Axis 1: Introduction to language C
Axis 2: Installing the tools and programs used in this course step by step
Axis 3: An introduction to linguistics
Axis 4: Writing the first code comment and identifying the types of data used
Axis 5: Variables, their use and calculations
Axis6:Conditional Sentences
Axis 7: Files and Pointers
Axis 8: States

The most important things we'll get to know in the C programming language course

Axis 1 and 2 We will address the definition of language and the most importan
applications and tools that we will need in this course and how to download and install these tools
In Axis 3, we'll look at the text editor and start making the first practical application
In axis 4, we'll get to know the basics
At this axis, 5, 6, 7, we'll get to know every small and big
Axis 8 we will address the establishment of the most important 
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