Language Python, full cycle on python

Language Python, full cycle on python

Language Python, full cycle on python

Full python course
First, we're going to touch and find out what language is
And we get to know the history of Python
And what are the reasons why I'm learning Python
And what areas did he use Python
This is considered
Questions are essential for anyone who wants to start learning any new language
And we'll talk about getting to know the most important themes of the course
And the main topics in a python programming language with examples

Introduction à Python

Python is the programming language
Python's language is easy not to write and read or to write its own codes
Python is the language of the future, competing with Java, and in Biton, it can make applications and so on, and it's a simple language without complications
Python is an easy, smooth and simplified language, a multi-purpose language
They are used in many areas but exclusively
The first release of python was launched in 1991 and python was launched in 1989 by engineer Jaydo van Rossm

Language Python, full cycle on python

Python Features 

The advantages of pytohn language are many because it is a language that is easy to use and has multiple advantages
The fact that the language is pytohn programming language is also characterized by the fact that it is easy to learn, especially for those who want to learn the first programming language
It is considered 
Open source language
Works on a lot of Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms
It is a language that can be expanded and developed
Graphical interfaces support Programming GUI
Python is an easy language for any new beginner in programming and has no difficulty in understanding, reading and writing python programming language
Python is a powerful language and a portable language, an open source software language
Does not contain variable types
Support dealing with the majority of databases
A shortcut to the code
You don't need to build and connect the language as in C language
Automated memory management
The committees are also represented in the Committee

Benefits of Python

Python benefits
Significantly speeding up its development cycle
Considering almost all Python programs easier, simpler and faster
It gives you integration with C ++, Java and COM
Improving performance and the ability to interact with the system
Ease of learning the language, and the ease of reading codes and understanding the language
 It works on several platforms: without changing the code
 It gives you the freedom to distribute and amend it, and a guarantor of its survival
Rapid development with embedded object types
Simplified extensions and minimizing executables
Facilitate access to email and HTTP
 Speeding up and facilitating software development


Python is a case-sensitive language. Example: language is different

Axes of the course or the most important thing we will address in this course the Python cycle

Theme One: Introduction to the Python Course
The second hub: Variables, Comments, Lists and Tubles
The following axis: Dictionary, Id, logic, Math
Fourth Theme: Bitwise, Boolean Operations, Slice, Conditional
Fifth Axis: While Loop, Loop Control
The sixth axis: iterative phrases arbitration of phrases
The seventh axis: Functions, Filestring, Class Contractor Expression, Database
The eighth axis: summary of the course, graphic destinations, first application
The ninth axis: network units
The tenth axis: a complete game
The eleventh axis: The reservation system
The Twelfth Axis: Data Analysis Simplifying Session Seal Problems

What areas of Python language

Very briefly, Python has broken down all the areas that require speed of development and ease in the first field, and little delay in the areas that need the speed of application. Among the areas where the Python language is distinguished
The field of tools that deal with the system directly
Internet programming field
The field of programming and graphical user agencies
Database programming field
Distributed programming field
And many other fields, which facilitated the presence of many tools that facilitate the work of the programmer noticeably

The most famous of these tools

System programming: Sockets, threads, signals, pipes, RPC POSIX bindings and calls

Graphical user interfaces: PMW, MFC, X11, wxPython, KDE, and Gnome

Database interfaces: Oracle, sybase, PostGres, mSQL, dbm, and persistence

Distributed Objects: DCOM, CORBA, ILU, and Fnorb

Other popular tools: SWIG, PIL, regular expressions, NumPy, and cryptography

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