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Html5|Html5 cycle the first step towards web programming

Html5|Html5 cycle the first step towards web programming

Html5|Html5 cycle the first step towards web programming

In this article, we will address the definition of Html5 and explain the sections of the Html5 cycle and the most important themes of the course
Before starting the first article in this session, we will address the definition of

?What is Html5 

?What are the features of Html5 

?What is the purpose of learning html5

?What are the most important themes of the Html5 cycle

All these questions need to be identified before you start learning this html5 language

What is Html5

Introduction  Html5

HTML is an abbreviation for hypertext markup language
HTML is a coding language used to create pages and websites
The web was created in 1990 and HTML was intended to simplify the process of scientists in different collections reaching the seas that are being published
HTML hypertext markup language means any language that describes web pages
HTML Describes the structure of web pages by using tags to describe the web page and to describe the content of web pages
And the tag tags it is a word
Or pre-defined keywords carry meanings
The difference between HTML and html5 is a new version of HTML with new tags and Attributes properties making it easier to work on the language
A language that is geared to the structure of web pages is not as good as the rest of the programming languages, such as java python

What are the qualifications to start learning a language

First, I need a text editor to write stacks
Tanya, I need a modern browser

Features of html5 version

Html5 | Html5 Course The first step towards web programming
Shortening the codes greatly, which helps to speed the page loading

Play video or audio on the page without requiring a special reader

Full support for CSS and javascrpt
New Attributes for some tags

The goal of learning html5

Consider HTML the basis of web programming Different ideas
HTML is the basic complement to the programming of websites and small software in websites
Software and creation of special pages in the field  Web

Html5 cycle axes

The first axis: an introduction to html5
The second axis: the properties and attributes of elements and titles
The third axis: paragraphs, images, and links
The fourth axis : comments elements, lists, and text synopsis
Axis V: Table and Growth
Sixth axis: Entities
The seventh axis: the design of a complete site

An idea for each of the hubs of html5

In the first axis, we will discuss in this axis an introduction about the html5 language and some information about it and all that I need to learn the Html language, how to download and fix the text editor and all the tools we need in this course
In the next topic, we will discuss the Attributes and how to deal with them and learn all about text titles
The next section, we will learn about everything related to the text paragraphs, how to place pictures, and so on
In the fourth pivot, we will explain the saturated links, how to deal with them, explain the comments system, learn about Block, online, Div and lists, and format text and paragraphs
In the fifth axis, we will discuss a simplified explanation of the table and a model
In this axis, i.e., the sixth axis, we will learn about how to distinguish elements through classes, explain parts of the model from, and address entities
On the seventh axis, we will make a simple and complete website design to implement everything we learned during the Html5 course


All HTMl language stacks are of a type or end with .Html
HTML is the most important language and is the basis of a language for programming web pages

Html5|Html5 cycle the first step towards web programming